Who we are

SAHRiNGON Tanzania Profile:-
Organization Name: SAHRiNGON Tanzania (South African Human Rights NGO Network Tanzania)

Our Objectives:
- To advocate for the protection and promotion of human rights, with a focus on marginalized groups, including women, children, persons with disabilities, and minority communities.
-To enhance the capacity of civil society organizations by providing training, resources, and technical support in human rights advocacy and monitoring.
- To foster collaboration and networking among civil society organizations, government institutions, and other stakeholders to address human rights issues collectively.
-To engage in policy advocacy and contribute to the development of laws and policies that align with international human rights standards.
-To raise public awareness about human rights, promote civic education, and encourage active citizen participation in human rights issues.
-To monitor and document human rights violations, provide legal support to victims, and advocate for justice and accountability.